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  • Advanced resettable analogue pushbutton
  • Two-way wireless communication
  • Up to 200m communication
  • Bicolour (red green) LED indicator
  • Same key for opening and rearming
  • Certificate EN54-11 and EN54-25

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  • Advanced
  • Resettable push button Intrinsically safe
  • Operating element, visual pulse indicator
  • Each device is powered by lithium batteries
  • Primary and secondary batteries are constantly monitored.
Brand Advanced
Communication distance 200m in open field
Operating frequency 868.15MHz – 869.85MHz
Type of modulation FSK
Frequency channels 7
Radiation power 5dBm (3mW)
Transmission frequency 60s default
Power Primary Battery: CR123A 5 years of life
Secondary Battery: CR2032A 2 months of life
Operating temperature range -30ºC ~ +55ºC
Humidity (non condensing) 95% RH
Dimensions 88 x 88 x 59 mm (H x W x D)
IP protection IP21
Certification EN54-11, EN54-25